Monday, August 5, 2013

Friday 2 August 2013 St. Emilion to St. Estephe

The contest began to see who could pack the car with room enough for 6 after getting all the luggage in. Kim won the contest by suggesting a taxi for 3 to Libourne, a train to Bordeaux, and another taxi to St. Estephe. I drove the luggage, Connie and Cathy. We eft about 20 inutes before the taxi arrived and got to the Chateau Pomys about 20 minutes before the Mercedes bringing Jill, Kim and Arnold arrived. The staff of the hotel had already taken all of the luggage to the second floor (we would call it the 3rd floor in the United Staes but the ground floor in Europe is 0) where our rooms were located. Now this is living. A real Chateau with a fantastic lawn and garden and a view of the River Gironde from our rooms.

Lunch was accompanied by one or two bottles of Chateau Pomys Rosé 2012. (I forgot to count). After an interlude sitting in the garden all of us except Connie wwent to the Maison de Vin in St. Estephe. We loaded up on aprons, corkscrews, glasses, etc. Then we drove through the hallowed ground of St. Estephe including Chateau de Pez. Dinner was at our chateau and included another bottle of Pomys Rosé and 2 bottles of 2000 Chateau Pomys for our red wine. Wow! What a delightful wine. 2000 was a fantastic year in Bordeaux and we took advantage of it being on tge menu. Dinner was quite good and sleep was perfect.

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