Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday 4 August 2013 Reims

Our three train travelers left Paullac on a train carrying some of the early risers (or never sleepers) from the festival. Connie was very worried by the crowd on the train but our intrepid travelers survived and we are now all on a train to Reims for champagne tomorrow. Actually I imagine we will not wait that long.

We didn't. Fifteen minutes after arriving at our hotel we headed for the main street, stopped at the first bar, and toasted Reims with one of its champagnes. Expensive, however. A bottle of the least expensive champagne was 54 Euros or about $75.

The restaurant where we had reservations was closed (for a holiday - we must have been the only booking) so we stopped at a brasserie. The pigeons had visited every chair so we moved on to another restaurant where they cleaned their chairs or had sent the pigeons off or both. The least expensive champagne on their list was 70 Euros ($95). We had a rosé from the Cotes de Provence and two bottles of a Lalande de Pomerol for just slightly more than the least expensive champagne. Even in the heart of Champagne country!

I am sorry to be so late in posting these messages. I have been busy! There is even more to tell about walls, scratches, shoe polish and mysteries. This has been a trip filled with adventures!

Pictures coming soon. I promise!

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