Monday, August 5, 2013

Thursday 1 August 2013 St. Emilion

I got up early Thursday and caught a train to Bordeaux where I rented a car. It held 7 people (OK, we were 6) but then there was room for only 2 suitcases. I got back to St. Emilion about noon, grabbed a bite to eat at the bar across from our hotel. We then set out on a tour of St. Emilion, Pomerol, and surrounding villages. Since very few wineries are open, and fewer still have English speaking personnel, I had arranged tastings at the Vin de Maison in Montagne St. Emilion and at the joint tasting room in Pomerol. Both had been centers for tasting, but had stopped. The Pomerol tasting room was to again begin tastings the next Monday. The tasting room in Montagne St. Emilion had tastings only on Saturday in July and August. Go figure! We did pass the Eglise de Pomerol many times as well as several famous vineyards. Finally we found one small vineyard that was Ouvert. The elderly woman (well I think she was older than I) who owned the vineyard opened two nice bottles of her Pomerol. We ended up buying two bottles of her 2009. Delicious!

After returning to the hotel we took a tour of the underground church of St. Emilion. It was a fascinating tour.

A rest and we hit the two Pomerols. When both bottles had disappeared we went to Le Tertre and had an excellent meal. We made it up the 40 degree incline on large cobblestone “street”. Sleep was a welcome event.

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